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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2279 cagey wonder
Hence, Ye Wanwan guessed which the sterling silver-haired guy was probably He Lianjue…
Section 2279 The President“s invitation
She was indignant… This seriously wouldn’t do!
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Ye Wanwan didn’t say other things but joined a watchful and defensive setting. The 2nd either of the two acted abnormally, she would attack.
“Unfortunately, we don’t know the solution to that, Pass up Nie. The Chief executive naturally has his goal for seeing you. If Miss out on Nie needs an answer, you could only question the Leader. We can’t advise you anything,” the small guy claimed.
Ye Wanwan: “…”
Ye Wanwan acquired no preference but to nod and concur in the long run. In the end, this was the Chief executive of your Arbitration Authorities she couldn’t reject regardless if she wished to. And it also was great for her to visit and grumble concerning the Immediate Line!
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“Since Leader Yi desires to see me, I naturally can’t refuse him. Having said that, I don’t know Director Yi in any respect, so may I ask… why does Leader Yi want to see me?” Ye Wanwan questioned curiously.
The younger lady blocked Big Dipper, Six Legend, as well as the other people and reported expressionlessly, “Apologies, but Leader Yi solely wishes to see Overlook Nie and didn’t ask the rest of you, which means you cannot follow.”
The person smiled faintly. “No should be worried, Miss out on Nie. We aren’t visiting the Arbitration Council. Leader Yi is giving a lecture at the moment, so we’re heading to where President Yi is giving a lecture.”
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Consequently, Ye Wanwan thought the silver-haired mankind was probably He Lianjue…
She was indignant… This seriously wouldn’t do!
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Ignore a minor Chief executive Fearless like her, though the Leader with the Arbitration Local authority or council probably only essential to utter a word and that he could see any one he needed.
On the other hand, when Large Dipper discovered the younger woman’s phrase gradually turning displeased, he suddenly smiled. “That’s perfect, the Chief executive from the Arbitration Council is awesome in addition to a huge problem! You need to deliver my goodwill to Chief executive Yi. I enjoy him, I admiration him, he’s my idol…”Read even more chapters at
“My temper!”
She was indignant… This seriously wouldn’t do!
Ye Wanwan adhered to both the people within.
“Eh…” Uncertainty instantly included Ye Wanwan’s facial area when she observed the person.
Ye Wanwan didn’t say other things but inserted a cautious and defensive function. The second either of those two acted unusually, she would infiltration.
Ye Wanwan secretly sneered. Yi Lingjun was seriously haughty!
They didn’t even should make a distinction whether this job ID was real or not since there wasn’t anybody who’d dare to impersonate part of the Arbitration Authorities in the Twelve Impartial Suggests, specifically in the Arbitration Council’s headquarters, Tianshui Town.
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On the other hand, the veracity proved that she was overthinking it.
“My temper!”
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In terms of He Lianjue, he was an utter old demon and matchless to this particular gentleman before her.
He was the Director with the Arbitration Council—the icon of pinnacle strength within the Twelve Independent States!
Soon, the automobile stopped in front of a lecture hall.
However, the truth turned out to be she was overthinking it.
Wasn’t this guy the metallic-haired gentleman she met way back in Asia?!
“My temper!”
Wasn’t this mankind the gold-haired mankind she satisfied back The far east?!

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