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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1276 – Killing an Angel with a Sword haircut rock
The girl frowned slightly when she saw Zhou Wen living. She immediately increased her Blazing Flame Sword and reduced at Zhou Wen who has been wandering out of the chasm.
“That other finally can’t stand the loneliness.” Within the president’s place of work with the Holy Heart a.s.sociation, Zhong Ziya was using a whitened bathrobe and holding a sword. He was leaning diagonally versus the windows using a gla.s.s of wine beverages in his fingers. He was observing the reside transmit.
After the slaying of Di Tian, there were probably no one among the individuals who didn’t recognize the Immortal Culling Sword, although many individuals the Federation were actually offering reproductions.
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“Haha, so what if it is angels or demons? They are substandard to Individual Sovereign’s sword.”
“No…” The angels’ followers sensed varying emotions on the extraordinary.
“Does he need to depend on creating commotions to be the spotlight?” Zhang Chunqiu shook his head.
Most followers ultimately experienced their belief was more essential and more strong.
Zhou Wen was clearly overthinking things. The girl didn’t understand the Immortal Culling Sword as a result of her long tenure during the Existing Hut. She didn’t understand about the fight with Di Tian, so she naturally didn’t learn how impressive it turned out.
In a corner of the woman’s vision, there were clearly already some high-quality forms that manufactured her look at lowest ten years more than prior to. This is already a sign that a thing was completely wrong along with her body system.
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“Impossible…” The archbishop was dumbfounded, just about incapable of believe what he got noticed.
Man Sovereign was the religious pillar of mankind, but angels had been also their religion and divine pillar. These were reluctant to find out the world they were speculating was approximately to happen.
Now, Zhou Wen’s only worry was that this gal would try to escape when she saw the Immortal Culling Sword in the hand. Of course, lots of people obtained witnessed the Immortal Culling Sword and was aware how impressive it had been.
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The sword beam chance down in the heavens just like it desired to divided apart the cosmos. It was subsequently a spectacle if this reduced down—as though even Venus can be divided into two with that affect.
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The split streaked over the sky for instance a straight black colored series on bright paper.
Zhou Wen didn’t understand that a lot of people were definitely watching him. Regardless if he believed, he wouldn’t get it to heart and soul. All he want to do now was find out if the Immortal Culling Sword could slay the woman and conclusion this scourge.
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Immortal just sat there and seen. He didn’t display any concept, nor does the style on his vision transformation. It absolutely was undiscovered what he was pondering.
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“What’s Man Sovereign accomplishing there? It seems like he’s strolling towards Seraph!”
“Oh my G.o.d, Man Sovereign has finally appeared once again. It is been 5yrs. He’s finally lower back.”
“That’s true…” Xia Liuchuan thinking for a long time and claimed helplessly.
A sword hum resounded through the universe being a dark-colored rift launched in the world which was almost occupied with the sword beam.
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However, they had been now in the League of Guardians and have been employed by the dimension. Without a doubt, these folks were at odds with Our Sovereign.
Even so, what could come, will come. Everybody could show that Human being Sovereign was walking towards seraph, and the seraph was also looking at Our Sovereign.
The split streaked across the atmosphere like a directly black brand on whitened cardstock.
“Haha, just what exactly if it is angels or demons? These are generally low quality to Human being Sovereign’s sword.”
When it comes to six-winged seraphim projection on the sky, it remained motionless almost like it obtained never moved.
Human being Sovereign was still standing on his location. His fingers was still grasping the hilt of his saber as if he had never shifted.
A few of the far more shy women didn’t even dare enjoy even more. They transformed their heads and waited nervously for that outcome.
Standard sight ended up unable to keep up with the sword beam’s pace. All they can see was the terrifying sword beam cleaving within the terrain like it was chopping for a watermelon. The complete environment seemed to be lit up with the sword beam’s brilliance, turning it into difficult to see something.
“Impossible…” The archbishop was dumbfounded, practically can not are convinced what he got witnessed.
“This fellow hasn’t finished everything during the past year or two, even so the instant he seems, he brings about this sort of significant commotion. Does he like to be from the spotlight a whole lot of?” Xia Liuchuan mentioned by using a weird term.
“What is he seeking to do?” Inside the League of Guardians, Cave Age, Hermit, and firm possessed merged expression. These were both polite and afraid of Our Sovereign.
“To have the ability to check out a position like Venus and even dare to get into a Calamity-quality battlefield, I honestly can’t bring to mind anybody in addition to the Human Sovereign.”
“What’s Our Sovereign performing there? It appears like he’s taking walks towards Seraph!”
“That sword appears like it.”
“That’s true…” Xia Liuchuan imagined for a long period and claimed helplessly.
The sword ray golf shot down in the heavens as though it planned to break up apart the cosmos. It absolutely was a spectacle in the event it slashed down—as though even Venus would be split into two by this affect.
“Haha, so what if it is angels or demons? They are really substandard to Human being Sovereign’s sword.”

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